Manufacturer of hight quality gluten free pasta

The Pasta Factory Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of high-quality gluten-free pasta and leguminous flour . We are part of a group of buoyant enterprises currently employing ~ 100 people.

Cooperation with the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. Our products are characterized by excellent taste and optimal composition.
30 years of experience in the food industry in wholesale and retail. Wer understand the customer's needs well.

Large amount of rice perfectly complements the diet of demanding customers with special nutritional needs.

Technology and composition allow you to get an excellent taste reminiscent of standard durum flour pasta.

Avellini High quality pasta

Pasta is characterized by a simple composition, they are great for vegans and people with celiac disease or with food intolerance of gluten.

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Board office address:
Świetlicowa street 7/9 O1
05-520 Konstancin – Jeziorna

Production and laboratory:
Kobylin 40C, 05-600 Kobylin
KRS: 0000600654
NIP: 1231310853
Regon: 363687889

Marek Brener
Tymoteusz Aleksandrowicz
Tel: +48 535 502 570